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D300/600 Product Highlight

ISO Density Alarm Feature on SATIR D300 & D600 Thermal Imaging Camera

Our Technical Team want to highlight to our users a feature on the D300/600 thermal imaging cameras. This is a feature which we have not previously promoted but we now have discovered it may be very important and useful to many professionals in a range of industries.

About the D Series

The D-Series is one of SATIR’s more recent innovations that have been popular since it’s release. It includes an Advance level thermal imaging camera known as the D300. It has a 384x288 IR detector. The D600 is a performance level thermal imaging camera that has a powerful 640x480 IR detector. 

Feature Highlight

The ISO Density Alarm is a feature that may be useful to professionals in a range of industries. It is essentially a visual graphical alarm which provides more visual feedback to the end-user than the regular alarm. This would be beneficial to end-users that want to understand the information clearly and easily.  The ISO Density alarm works by setting the percentage of the area you want to detect such as 30% of the screen or 50%. The file path to the ISO Density alarm settings is as follows; Main Menu – Analysis Menu – ISO Menu. If you like to learn more about this feature please contact our technical team by emailing

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