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Thermal Imaging & Electrical Surveying


Thermal Imaging & Electrical Surveying 

With the release of the SATIR D500, which is an ideal thermal imaging camera for carrying out large scale electrical surveying, we thought we would discuss some of our FAQ’s on thermal imaging and electrical surveying.

What is the benefit of electrical surveying with a thermal camera?

The main benefit of carrying out electrical surveying with a thermal camera is that the camera can see potential problems which are not visible to the human eye that it acts a as preventative measure from large scale power outages and costly repairs. Regular electrical surveying can also measure the effectiveness of the electrical equipment and this can sometimes result in energy savings. The reason why electrical pylons would be surveyed using a thermal infrared camera is that it is non-invasive that the electrical current doesn’t need to be powered off to facilitate the survey. Any issues or repairs can be identified easily and be planned around business hours with regular thermography surveying.

What type of faults will show up on the thermal imaging camera?

  • Overloads
  • Loose Connections
  • Defective equipment
  • Faulty Connections
  • Systems overheating

    And Many More!

Thermal Image of Bad or Loose Electrical Connection                 Thermal Image of a Faulty Electrical Connection
Example of Bad/Loose Connection                             Thermal image of Faulty Electrical Connection

Thermal Image of an Electrical Cable Break                Thermal Image of Faulty Disconnection
Thermal Image of an Electrical Cable Break              Thermal Image of Faulty Disconnection 

Why is the D500 a suitable thermal camera for electrical surveying?
The D500 is an effective thermal imager for electrical surveying particularly for surveying electrical pylons due to a number of reasons. Firstly, it has a 640x480 infrared detector which contributes to the D500 delivering excellent imaging quality and it also has the latest image processing technology to reduce interference. It comes equipped with a 5MP CCD camera which delivers a clear visual to allow users to compare the infrared image with a digital image. The D500 has been ergonomically designed similar to the D300 as it fits easily and comfortably in the user’s hand with its lightweight design. It is a compact, lightweight tool that allows users to store up to 32GB of data which can be still or video recordings. The D500 has a 3.5” LCD screen which will allow the users to see the infrared image with clear and defined details. The D500 has a long battery life makes it ideal for large scale pylon or solar panel surveying as battery life lasts up to 5 hours which means when out on a survey the user does not need to be carrying extra batteries or charger with them. The D500 also have a range of interchangeable lenses available on request which let users to tailor the D500 to the sights or application.

‚ÄčIt has been proven thermal imaging of electrical pylons helps to prevent the costly downtime & emergency repairs. The users are looking for more details on the camera to assist in detecting the problems sooner so hence the increase in the detector & also the sensitivity is required. At SATIR, we understand this and have designed the D500 which we believe will meet the customers’ needs are affordable prices.

Automotive Thermal Vision | Car Night Vision

Why is Thermal Vision important in the motor Industry?

Automotive Thermal Vision Cameras are very important in the motor industry as they act as an assistive tool to drivers of all vehicles which can include cars, vans, trucks, security and medical vehicles. Automotive thermal cameras do not need any type of light or illumination to display the view ahead, so it can work in all different types of driving environments. This is what is great about car night vision cameras is that if for example you are driving in the countryside at night it can detect any animals, pedestrians or vehicles that you may not be able to see because there is no lighting available for the driver to see what is ahead on the road. 

How do Automotive Thermal Cameras work without any light?

Now you are probably wondering if you don’t need any light for thermal cameras to work, how do they show up what is ahead on the road. Firstly, when you are driving in the dark the temperature normally is a lot cooler than it is during the daytime. Secondly, all vehicles, animals and people all emit heat that often is not visible to the human eye. This heat energy is then known as Infrared Radiation which then is detected by IR detectors which are installed in the Automotive Thermal Cameras. Currently all SATIR Vehicle Night Vision Cameras have a 384×288 IR Detector which will generate 110592 pixels on screen delivering a clear image to the driver of any obstacles that may be ahead on the road. 

What are the Benefits of Automotive Thermal Cameras?

The main benefit of installing a SATIR automotive thermal camera is that it will assist drivers driving in the dark particularly in winter/autumn months. In the winter months, often drivers have to deal with dangerous weather conditions such as ice, fog and mist which can contribute to road traffic accidents. Thermal Cameras can see through these weather conditions and can detect people, animals or other vehicles on the road in poor visibility. This gives the driver enough time to react to what is ahead and prevent any road accidents.
The SATIR Range of Automotive Thermal Vision Cameras come with Pedestrian Detection System (PDS) with some being built-in to the camera. This gives the driver a visible warning and with some models there is also an audible alarm to warn them of cyclists, pedestrians or animals ahead often warning the driver a few hundred metres in advance. 
SATIR has 3 different models of Vehicle Thermal Cameras that can suited to your application or budget visit the link to find out more: 

SATIR Exhibiting at CIOE 2017

Visit SATIR at CIOE 2017

SATIR (Guangzhou SAT Infrared Technology Co., Ltd) are proud to annouce we are exhibiting at the 19th China Internation Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE). It is taking place in  Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre which has an exhibition area of 110,000sqm. It is taking place over 4 days from the 6th to the 9th September 2017. 

CIOE 2017 Floor Plan

SATIR will be exhibiting in Hall 1 which is dedicated to Infrared Applications. Members of SATIR Sales team will be at booth 1D31 ready to show you the latest thermal cameras we have on offer in our thermography range. 

Learn about SATIR Latest Product Offerings at CIOE

SATIR D300 Advance Level Thermal Imaging Camera

At CIOE 2017,  SATIR will have a range of products at our booth 1D31, such as the D300 which is a advance level thermal imager which comes with Duo Vision Plus which combines details from a Digital CCD image with an Infrared Thermal Image, it has ergonomic design which fits easily into the users hand and offers high resolution images as it has 384x288 IR Detector. Learn more about the D300 here:  

SATIR NV618S Automotive Night Vision Thermal Infrared Camera

As well as showcasing products from our thermography range we will also have the NV618S at the SATIR booth which is the latest addition to our automotive thermal vision range. The NV618S is a dual field automotive infrared camera that will give the driver a wide field of view while delivering a clear image with it's 384×288 IR detector resolution. It also has a low light level camera which is unique from the other products in the SATIR automotive thermal vision range. Learn more about the NV618S Here:

CIOE 2017

You can view our exhibitor Profile here, which will have some contact details if you want to get in touch with us at the show : 

If you wish to find out more about the show and what is on offer visit the following link:

To register for the show, click on the following link : 


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