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Technological Innovations during Covid-19

New Products Due to Covid-19

Since Covid-19 has started in 2020, we have seen changes in our daily lives, workplaces and across society. Covid-19 has brought many challenges to people, but it also has seen opportunities arise and many businesses have taken advantage of these opportunities and innovated new technological to meet the new challenges that Covid-19 brings to us all. SATIR is one of many businesses who developed a new product line which includes new technology innovations to help combat these Covid-19 challenges. We are continuing research and developmenet in order to innovate our thermal cameras but also to ensure the technicans using our equipment are protected where possible.

CK350-F Intelligent Advance Level Fever Screening System

The CK350-F was our first product we developed during the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic. We developed this product due to the demand from our clients who wanted a thermal imaging camera that could measure human elevated temperatures as this can be a key symptom of Covid-19 which may need further investigation. We also were getting requests from clients that they needed to monitor people wearing masks in the building, so with the development into AI technology we can detect people who are not wearing masks. For More detailed information, please visit

Hotfind-S Mid-Level Fever Screening

Many of our existing clients will recognise the Hotfind-S model we have been manufacturing this model over the past few years for the industrial industry for those in construction and power industries. We were able to use the foundation of the Hotfind-S Model to refine the specification to detect elevated body temperatures in humans. This model is suitable for those who had concerns about using AI technology but who wanted a high-quality image as this camera has the 384x288 IR detector which delivered a detailed thermal image to the end-user. For more detailed information, please visit

D160F Entry Level Fever Screening

The D160F was developed for those who didn’t need a fixed system and who preferred to have a handheld device for doing quick temperature screenings. This thermal camera is the most budget friendly out of all our models as at SATIR Europe we want to make thermal imaging accessible to all. For more detailed information, please visit


The BR-95 is our newest product to join our range of fever screening products. This product has been developed as SATIR has formed a partnership to ensure businesses and employers have access to all the equipment needed to make their workplaces safe for their customers and employees. The BR-95 is a battery respirator face mask which is KN95 compliant. This type of mask is suitable for those working in hospitality areas such as Cafes, restaurants, hotels and also in educational and office environments. It has a battery life of up to 7 hours and is a sustainable product as it can be recharged. For more detailed information, please visit 

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