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SATIR V Series

New Gas Detection Camera from SATIR


SATIR V Series – Performance Gas Detection Camera 

The SATIR V Series (V80/V80 Pro/V90) is our latest Performance Gas Detection camera, which can detect a large number of different gases in variety of environments. Traditional gas detection methods can be time consuming and difficult to carry out but with the SATIR V Series Gas detection cameras gas can be clearly detected quickly. The SATIR V Series can quickly visualise and pinpoint VOC gases leaks in industries such as petrochemical, refinery, firefighting rescues and the oil & gas industry. 

The V Series has a built-in HD digital camera with LED which allows users to save a IR image and the visible light image at the same time which allows for the user to cross check images at a later point. The video recording function can record the testing process with a real-time video and store all the temperature data at the same time. Users can replay the whole testing process video and analyse the video to generate the corresponding test report.  

The V Series is a highly sensitive camera which means it will rarely miss detecting a gas leak. For example the V80 camera is highly sensitive due to the sensitivity of Cooled QWIP detector when it's temperature resolution reaches 0.025°C and leak detection sensitivity reached 0.0001 ml/s. A small temperature difference, the tiny leakage both can be detected and captured, so it won't leave out any possible hidden danger. 

The V Series is equipped which laser positioning which means the laser spot can be directly displayed on the infrared image and the laser spot temperature values can also be displayed, which makes it convenient for users to control the position. The V Series has other functions such as voice recording, real-time transmissions and internal storage which all has been designed to make the users experience easy when using the SATIR V Series. 

When buying a model from the V Series,  some of the pieces you will receive include a battery charger, batteries, SD card, Calibration & Product Cert, tripod and operations manual.



  • Detector Resolution 320x256 Pixels
  • HD Viewfinder
  • Capable of detectng gas leak as small as 0.001ml/s with multi-levels high sensitive mode adjustment
  • Inspection without shutting now inspected system
  • Capture images directly without light assistance and reflection background 
  • V90 Ex Certified 




Camera Name
V80 Pro
Detectior Resolution 320x256
Detector Type Cooled QWIP detector 
Thermal Sensitivity (N.E.T.D) 0.015°C@30°C
Electronic Zoom Function 1X-8X
Responsivity 0.001 ml/s
Spatial Resolution (IFOV) 0.6mrad   0.6/1.31mrad
Field Of View 24°X18 / 11°X 8.8° 6°X.4.5°/24°X18 / 11°X 8.8°/48°x40° 24°X18 / 11°X 8.8°
Minimum Focus Distance   3m/0.5m/0.3m/0.2m 0.8m
Frame Frequency  50Hz (PAL) /  60 Hz (NTSC)    50Hz (PAL) /  60 Hz (NTSC)
Focus Mechanism Auto/Manual
Spectral Range 10.3 ~10.7 um     3.2 - 3~5um
Start -up Time ≤7min
Image Presentation
Digital Camera 5MP Digital Camera   5MP Digital Camera
Output AV   Video Output &USB 2.0
External Display 3.5 LCD   3.5 LCD 
View Finder Built-in TFT LCD with High Resolution (800x600pixels)   Built-in TFT LCD with High Resolution (800x600pixels)
Palette 8 Palettes   6 Palettes
Temperature Measurement
Temperature Range  -20°C ~ + 350°C    -20°C ~ + 350°C
Accuracy  Accuracy ±2°C or ± 2% of readings 
Analysis  Automatic Tracking max/ with temperature data   Automatic Tracking max/ with temperature data Delta T
Emissivity Correction Variable from 0.01 to 1.0   Variable from 0.01 to 1.0
IR Video Storage
IR-Video IR-Video Recording of 16 bit fully radiometric IR-Video to SD-Card   IR-Video Recording of 16 bit fully radiometric IR-Video to SD-Card
Type Class 2, Red   Class 2, Red
Laser Point Laser Point Laser point displayed on the IR Image and showed its temperature   Laser Point Laser point displayed on the IR Image and showed its temperature
Image Storage 
Voice Annotation Yes   Yes
Text Annotation Yes   Yes
Removable SD Card 32G   32G
Physical Characterisitics
Weight ≤2.40kg ≤2.6kg ≤2.40kg
Camera Size 292x140x146 (mm   292x140x146 (mm
Environmental Specfication
Operating Temperature Range  -20°C~50°C    -20°C~50°C
Storage Temperature Range -40°C ~70°C   -40°C ~70°C
Humidity  10%~95%, non-condensing   10%~95%, non-condensing
Encapsulation IP54, IEC 529   IP65
Shock Shock 25G,IEC68-2-99   Shock 25G,IEC68-2-99
Vibration Vibration 2.5G,IEC68-2-6   Vibration 2.5G,IEC68-2-6
USB 2.0  Yes   Yes
Gas Detection Type
  Sulfur Hexafluoride, Acetyl Chloride Acetic Acid, Allyl Bromide, Allyl Chloride, Allyl Fluoride, Ammonia (NH3),Bromomethane, Chloride Dioxide, EthylCyanoacrylate,Ethylene, Furan, Hydrazine Methylsilane, Methyl Ethyl Ketone ,Vinyl Cyanide, Methyl Vinyl Ketone, Propene, Tetrahydrofuran, Vinyl Ether. Trichloroethylene, Uranyl Fluoride,Vinyl Chloride, Propenal   Benzane, Ethanol, Ethylbenzene, Heptane, Hexane, Isoprene, Methanol, MEK, MIBK, Octane, Pentane, 1-Pentene, Touluene, Xylene, Butane, Ethane, Methane, Propane, Ethylene, Propylene,


V80/V80 Pro Brochure                          V80/V90 Standard Models Datasheet 





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