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SATIR G96 | Performance Thermal Imaging
SATIR G96  | Performance Thermal Imaging
SATIR G96  | Performance Thermal Imaging
SATIR G96  | Performance Thermal Imaging
SATIR G96  | Performance Thermal Imaging

SATIR G96  | Performance Thermal Imaging

The SATIR G96 is a performance level thermal imaging camera that delivers excellent thermal images and video to the end-user. The SATIR G96 camera has 640x480 IR detector which generates 307200 pixels which is currently the highest number of pixels that our thermography camera can offer.

The G96 has a 5” Detachable LCD Screen which makes working in hazardous areas and on long thermal surveys easier for the user. The detachable remote control unit can be operated in either the left of right hand and allows full access to the camera functions.

The G96 comes with a wide range of measurement tools which include 10 movable spots,auto hot/cold spot, line profile, isotherm, 4 area boxes.

Key Features:

  • 640x480 IR Detector
  • 5” Detachable LCD Screen with remote control
  • Optional Lenses Available
  • Laser Pointer
  • Measurement Tools


Camera Name




  Thermal Sensitivity (N.E.T.D)

  ≤0.03@30°C – 24°

  ≤0.04@30°C – 12°

  Detector Type

  FPA, uncool microbolometer

  Field of View            




  Duo Vision

  Super resolution 2065x1452 Pixeles in real time

   Spatial Resolution

    0.41mrad – 24°

    0.30 mrad – 12°

  Spectral Range

   7 – 14 µm

  Detector Pitch

   17 µm

  Focus Mechanism

 continuous, laser for automatic location

  Macro Mode

 Effective spot size 50µm

   IR format

 * .JPEG, *. BPM, *. SAT (proprietary format)

  File exportation format

 Export in standard * .JPEG format

  Digital Zoom

1X-10X — 20X — 30X continuous focus

  Laser pointer

 Automated identification of the laser pointer on
 the screen, automatic alignment, objective
 identification in real-time thermograms

  Programmable functions

 3 user-defined programmable functions (add 
 point, add area, show hide horizontal line
 (thermal profile), open video)

  Shutter Time Lapse (Infrared)

 Off, Manual, automatic (0, 30, 60, 90, 120, 180

Image Presentation


Image Presentation

 IR / CCD / double vision / PIP / digital. IR image,
 digital image, thermal fusion, picture in picture,
 multi spectral, thumbnail gallery

 IR thermal fusion, upper, lower threshold,
 automatic adjustment of a temperature range, in
 the visual image

 Picture in picture, (super position of the thermal
 image in the visual image), movable and
 adjustable IR image within the digital image,
 adjustable adjustment of thermal saturation

LCD screen

 5” LCD, flip 90 ° bright TFT screen, incorporates
 camera control

 Resolution 640X480 pixels

Digital Video Camera

 High image quality, Full color 5-megapixel high
 quality image, with LED lighting, CCD (natural
 light) photos, digital video

Image Frequency (Image)

 50Hz or 60Hz

Video output

 NTSC (60Hz) or PAL (50Hz) composite video,
 optional (HDMI)



  Temperature Range

  -20°C~ +650°C, up to +2000°C


   ±2°C ±2% of readings  

  Measurement options

  10 movable spots,auto hot/cold spot, line
  profile, isotherm, 4 area boxes

 Automatic diagnosis between reference
 temperatures and temperatures depending on
 the measurements. Temperature value and
 position for each pixel in real time or in saved
 images, camera screen or PC

 Date, time, battery level, Bluetooth connectivity
 status, Languages ​​Spanish, English

Isotherm (color alarms)

 Above, below, interval

  Temperature Alarms


  Measurement Corrections for inspect

 Ambient Temperature, background temperature,
 reflected temperature, Emissivity Correction,   Distance, Relative Humidity, Optical Adjustment,
 Atmospheric Transmission

 Emissivity adjustment from 0.01 to 1

  Delta T



Image & Video Storage


 16 GB removable SDHC card (Up to 32 GB)

IR image storage format

* .JPEG, * .JPG radiometric

Visual CCD video storage

 CCD video recording — visual on the thermal

IR radiometric video recording

 Recording of radiometric IR video in the camera

Non-radiometric or visual IR streaming video

 Non-radiometric or visual video recording on the

IR radiometric video transmission

 Yes, UVC radiometric IR video transmission -
 USB 2.0., WiFi or HDMI

IR image storage

 IR image, periodical storage configurable in time
 intervals, IR, digital, simultaneous image fusion,
 images associated with voice and text

CCD digital image

 JPEG image format, automatic images
 associated with thermal images, voice and text

Post — edition, issuance of reports

* .JPEG radiometric format, without a license, for
 post-editing, reporting, in the factory analysis
 program, files based on Microsoft word or PDF

Delivery of results

 High accuracy, precision, reproducible results,
 ability to perform trends, administration and
 information management




  -20°C~ +50°C


 - 40°C~ +70°C


  10% ~ 95%, non-condensing


  IP54 IEC 60529


  25G, IEC 60068-2-27


  2,5G, IEC 60068-2-6

   Safety & environment


Automation of Inspection Routes

Voice recording associated with images

 60 sec

Text annotation associated with images

 Custom text, entering information from the
 camera or detachable screen control

Sketch Functions

 Display gallery display and control designed for
 camera operation with both left and right hand,
 designed to increase operator safety

Connection Interfaces

SD card

 Removable 16GB SD card expandable up to 32GB

Voice recording

 60 sec recording added to the image -
 Bluetooth headset


Video output

 NTSC (60Hz) or PAL (50Hz) composite video,
 video output RCA connector, USB - HDMI

Communication connection / interface

 Bluetooth, USB 2.0 (USB 2.2) —mini USB, WiFi,
 image registration and radiometric video to PC


Software for analysis and information management (Professional version)

 Easy to use professional program, it allows the 
 creation of monitoring routes, information 
 transfer, organization, storage, post-processing,
 video visualization, thermal, digital images,
 fusion of thermal and digital images. Compatible
 with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7,
 Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac System. It
 allows to create professional reports in
 Microsoft Word, PDF and allows to perform
 professional analyzes

 Free software update


Lens identification

 Automatic adjustment and configuration

Interchangeable lenses

 48 °, 12 °, 15°, 7 °, standard, telephoto, wide
 angle and 100 µm.

Physical Characteristics (Camera Body)





  327mm x143mm x170mm

   Mounting tripod




  Power Input

  DC 8V-11V 

  Video Output

  NTSC (60hZ) or PAL (50Hz) Composite Video




  Bluetooth, USB 2.0 (USB 2.2)—mini USB, WiFi,  

Optional Parts



 Geographic coordinate information incorporated
  into thermograms, compatible with GIS format
  — ArcGIS

Lighting lamp

 Yes (Integrated Lens Illuminator)

Laser pointer


USB 2.0 real-time thermal data transfer cable


USB adaptor





 Industrial rigid carrying case, protective case for
 carrying a camera, 2 Ion - Lithium batteries, AC
 adapter, adapter for charging batteries in
 vehicles (12 VDC, approximate length ≥1.2m to
 ≤1.80 meters)


 Includes updated traceable calibration

Operation manual

 Physical or digital format



Factory Defects Warranty

 2 years


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