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JK-Series | Security Bullet Camera

IR Security Bullet Camera with Multiple Lens Option


SATIR Newest Security Bullet Camera

Introducing the JK-Series SATIR newest Security IR bullet camera. There are two models available the JK400 which has a 400x300 IR detector and the JK600 which has a 640x512 IR detector which delivers 327,680 pixels to the security monitors. The camera has multiple fixed lens options available upon request, they include 8/15/25/35 mm lenses. This allows tailored customisation for the end-users needs and requirements. It has DVE (Digital Vision Enhancement) which means a digital image is delivered to the monitor that is clear and detailed. The JK Series also features temperature measurement with a range of  -40°C~150°C and accuracy of ±2°C/±2%, this means the camera can also be used for small scale process control and monitoring. It has a number of smart functions such as motion detection, disk alarm, I/Oalarm and temperature alarms.  It is ONVIF compataible which means its can fit in easily with an exisitng CCTV network system that uses ONVIF. The JK Series is compatible with SDK development which means businesses can use their own SDK softwares with this product. 

Key Features:

  • 400x300/640x512 IR detector
  • Multiple Lens Option
  • ONVIF/CGI/SDK Compatibility
  • Multiple Measurement Tools
  • DVE Imaging
  • Standalone Operation



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