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JKZ365 | Process Control
JKZ365 | Process Control

Process Control Camera for Power Industry

The JKZ365 is SATIR newest fixed camera model. It has been designed for the Power and Energy Industry to monitor power and sub stations. It combines digital and thermal technology to deliver excellent imaging capabilities.  It also includes some AI technology settings which gives more options to activate temperature alarms that can alert plant enginneers of any over-heating or issues. For example, once the alarm has been activated then the zoom on the digital camera can allow easy identification of the potential defective component and corrective action can be taken by the plant engineers. 

The JKZ365 is a PTZ camera which allow users to monitor a large area with a single camera. Its is ONVIF and CGI compliant which means it can be integrated into a standard CCTV network or on a stand alone network. This makes the JKZ365 a dual use product. it can be used for security at a substation site and also monitor the plant, which makes it the excellent product to purchase at one price point. The JKZ365 allows for SDK intregration which means the product can fit in easily with exisiting plant systems  which means the end-user has a bespoke product that meets their needs and requirements.

Key Features:

  • 400x300/640x512 IR Detector 
  • Standalone Operation
  • Digital/Thermal/AI Technology
  • Temperature Alarms : 16x Area boxes ,2x Lines or 20x Spots
  • 17 Colour Palettes 
  • Optional Fixed Lenses: 8/15/25mm
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