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SATIR HRYXJ-A – Infrared Fire Fighting Camera


SATIR HRYXJ-A –  Infrared Fire Fighting Camera 


The SATIR HRYXJ-A is a specially designed thermal infrared camera that can be used by firefighters or those who work in fire protection. The HRYXJ-A thermal camera allow users to see clearly in areas that are affected by dense, thick smoke that arises when a fire has been started.

The SATIR HRYXJ-A is available in two different resolutions, currently it is available with a 160x120 or 384x288 IR Detector. This allows the user to select the IR Detector that is most suited to their application and budget. Both models provide the same operational functions.

This infrared firefighting camera can withstand extreme environments that have very high temperature for Long-time operation it is as follows: -20℃~ +50℃ and for Short-time operation: +80℃~+250℃.  The HRYXJ-A Infrared Camera has a high temperature measurement range of the following; -20°C ~ +250°C; +200°C ~ +600°C; +200°C ~ + 1000°C (Optional).

This infrared firefighting camera has a built-in infrared lens to ensure the optical system is well protected. It has a wide angled lens which gives a wider field of view to the user to provide better situation analysis.  

The SATIR HRYXJ-A can take still images and IR Video of up to 2 hours which are stored internally. The camera has a battery life of 2.5 hours.

The SATIR HRYXJ-A has IP67 encapsulation which means it can fully protected against dust and water immersion of 1m. 

This thermal imaging camera is ideal tp be used for firefighting or rescue work, as it can withstand extreme environments and can locate injured or unconscious persons in a fire or forestry area easily. It can also assist those working in the fire protection industry to evaluate where a fire may reignite and take actions to prevent the fire from restarting & spreading further.

The HRYXJ-A infrared fire protection camera comes with 2x Battery, Battery Chargers, Hard case, video cable and a belt hook/harness attachment.


  • 160x120 or 384x288 IR Detector
  • Able to within Extreme Environments with High Temperatures
  • High Temperature Measurement
  • IP67 – Waterproof



Camera Name



    160x120                   or                    384x 288

  Thermal Sensitivity (N.E.T.D)

   ≤0.08°C @30°c                              ≤0.05°C @ 30°C

   FOV/Min. Focus Distance

  38°x28.5°/0.5m                               56°x42°/0.5m

  Spatial Resolution

  4.1mrad                                           2.54mrad

  Detector Type

  UFPA (Uncooled focal plane array)

  Spectral Range


  Focus Mechanism




  Temperature Range

  -20°C ~ + 250°C ;
  +200°C ~ + 600°c;
  +200°C ~1000°C (Optional)



  Measurement Tools

  Auto hot spot tracking/ Central Spot

  Measurement Corrections





  -20°C ~ +55°C


  -40°C to +70°C


  10%  to 98%, non—condensing



  Physical Characteristics (Camera Body)





  175mm x 119mm x 125mm



  Power Input

  DC 8v (Operating time 2.5 Hours)

  Video Output

  NTSC (60Hx) or PAL (50Hz) composite video


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