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SATIR JKX1024 - High Performance Thermal Core

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JKX1024 High Performing Core with 1024×768 Uncooled Detector

The SATIR JKX1024 is a High Performance Thermal Core that delivers excellent image quality due to the 786,432 pixels that is generated by the 1024x768 IR detector it comes equipped with ensuring excellent image performance.
The JKX1024 offers accurate temperature measurement as it has a thermal sensitivity of 0.05°C@30°C it can capture any slight temperature changes easily and clearly. It can read temperatures  from -20°~ +150°C with industry standard of measurement accuracy of ±2% Or ±2°% of Reading. Temperature readings are then converted into thermal images by applying an advanced transformation algorithm. 

The JKX1024 has been designed to meet the requirements of different industries. It has a small, compact design that has been developed from the latest materials technology such as carbon fiber sell and magnesium allow component which dramatically reduces the overall weight of the products. The JKX1024 weighs only 300g (including the lens).  This makes the JKX1024 very modular allowing it to be fitted to drones or easily integrates into other housings for applications such security, forest fire prevention, power system monitoring and many more application fields. 

The JKX1024 Infrared core can record and store the video stream with temperature data on the SD memory card. Users can playback the video stream and directly analysis and process the video to generate the corresponding infrared analysis reports.

When buying the JKX1024, you will receive the standard lens (28°x19°), SD Card, card reader,operation manual, warranty and the calibration certificate.  


  • Uncooled IR 1024x768 detector  
  • High Thermal Sensitivity of 0.05°C@30°C 
  •  Save Infrared Video Stream with Temperature Data
  • Video Playback on Camera 
  • Lightweight & Compact Infared Core
  • GPS Positoning Optional 

Coming Soon 

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Camera Name: JKX1024
 Image Performance


   Detector Type       

Focal Plane Array (FPA) Uncooled Microbolometer

   Detector Resolution


   Thermal Sensitivity


   Image Frequency

50Hz/60 Hz


Fixed Focus (10m away free focus)

   Digital Zoom


   Spectral Zoom


   Field of View

30mm, 28°X 19°

   Spatial Resolution (IFOV)


   Temperature Range

-20°~ +150°C


±2°C or 2% of reading

 Max Temperature Automatic Tracking

 Automatically capturing max temperature & showing specific data in display in real—time

   GPS Position

 GPS information & IR image data can be played in the software of  base-station. IR image data could be retrieved by corresponding GPS information

Image Presentation


   Composite Video

NTSC/PAL Composite Video


White Hot/Black Hot/ Iron/ Rainbow

Interface/Format Specification


   Physical Interface

HR10A – 10R –12PB

   Control Interface

Provided with TTL—UART (Optional:RS232/PWM)

   Storage Format

Standard: IRV Video, IMA Image (Optional:AVI Video, JPEG Image)

Physical Characteristics








Environmental Specification


   Operating Temperature Range

-20°C ~ 50°C

   Storage Temperature Range

-40°C ~ 70°C


Operating & Storage 10% to 95%, non-condensing

HD Version


   JKX1024 HD

Optional Interface of HDMI,SDI,YUV


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