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UAV P4 Infrared Inspection System

UAV P4 Incorporates the Phantom 4 platform with IR Core


UAV P4 Infrared Inspection System

The SATIR UAV P4 is the ideal UAV Drone to carry out thermal surveys for powerline inspections.
The UAV P4 is based on the phantom 4 platform which is portable and integrates with SATR infrared cores. It supports video signal and point to point and point to multi points mode. It has ultra-low delay ≤10ms. 16 Channels are available as an optional and it has strong anti-interference capability. The P4 drone has a high-power image transmitter which has a transmission distance of 5km with it’s high-gain antenna. It has a detector resolution of 640x480 which will deliver very high-quality images to the end-user. The temperature measurement range is from -20°C~ +150°C and has temperature measurement accuracy of ±2°C ~ + 2%. The video is recorded in 16-bit full radiometric with temperature data and saves on the SD card.  The P4 also has a 2MP HD digital camera which is useful for comparing thermal data.

UAV and drones will from time to time suffer from vibration and shaking which may disrupts the image quality. The SATIR UAV P4 maintains stability as it has a two-axis servo head augmentation system. This ensures the thermal imaging core is stable throughout the filming process and guarantees the best effect of temperature observations.

The UAV P4 drone has the option of GPS positioning with real-time control of the UAV. The GPS positioning system has a short start-up time and has high positioning accuracy. It starts in 10 seconds and provides location information in real-time which is an ideal for the user as they can be in control.


  • Phantom 4 platform
  • Strong anti-interference capability 
  • High power Image transmitter
  • 640x480 detector resolution
  • Optional GPS positioning


UAV Parameters (Phantom 4)

Diagonal Size (Propellers excluded) 350mm
Max flight time Approx 23 minutes
Max speed S-mode:72kph, A-mode:58 kph, P-mode:50 kph
Max Ascent speed S-mode:6 m/s, P-mode:5 m/s
Max Descent speed S-mode:4m/s, P-mode: 3m/s 
Max Tilt Angle S-mode:42º, A-mode:35, P-mode: 25º
Max Angular Speed S-mode:250º/s, A-mode:150º/s
Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level 3.73 mi (6000m)
Max Wind Speed Resistance 10 m/s
Operating Temperature Range 0ºC to 40ºC
Satellite Positioning Systems GPS/GLONASS Dual mode

Infrared Camera Parameters

NETD 0.05ºC (at 30ºC)
Optical System Focus 25mm, fixed focus (10m away free focus)
Digital Zoom 4x,8x
Detector Type Uncooled Focal Plane Array, 640x480 pixels
Detector Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Spectrum Range 7-14um
FOV 25ºx18.7º
Spatial Resolution 0.68 mrad
Temp. Range -20ºC ~+150ºC
Temperature Measurement Accuracy ±2ºC or ±2%
Max Temperature Auto Tracking Auto tracking max temperature point and real-time overlay display on the video
GPS Satellite Positioning (Optional) Geographic coordinate information and infrared data real-time overlay, synchronous record

Image Display

Composite Video NTSC/PAL Composite Video
Palette  White hot/black hot/ iron

Visual Camera Parameters

Resolution  2MP
Optical System Focusing 3.6mm fixed focus, manual focus (1m away free focus)

Operation Environment

Operating Temperature range -20°C~ 50°C
Storage Temperature Range -40°C ~70°C
Operating Storage Humidity  10% to 95%, non-condensing


Gimbal Control Accuracy ±0.01°
Movement Range pitch-90~30°, course ±150°, roll ±25°
Control interface PWM/S-BUS/Serial Number 
Storage 16-bit full radiometric infrared temperature data storage into SD Card

Power Supply

Working Voltage 7-17V
Average Power Consumption 6W

Physical Parameter

Size  Payload (LxWxH):109x110x73mm, UAV (including payload, LxWxH): 350x350x190mm
Weight Payload: 460g, UAVs (including battery and payload): 1560g


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