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Software Downloads

Below is SATIR software that you can download, please note these will only work on a Windows Operating System

Click to download: (download size: 109MB)

CK350-F Software  Click to Download : Fever Screening Software_V2.6.9.Zip (download size:311MB)

CK350-F App Click to Download :  CK35OF App V1.0.0 (download size 48MB)

For PK Apps, please contact our Service department at


SATIR Pro Software - Advance Reporting Software

SATIR Pro Software provides professionals a powerful and complete software solution for thermal analysis and research. Users can flexibly perform thermal analysis and image processing on thermal images, thermal video files, and real-time thermal videos, and generate reports in batch effectively. The software can analyze thermal images taken by any type of SAT’s infrared camera. The SATIR Pro Software is placed on a SATIR USB Dongle and then is shipped to the Customers Location.

Contact your account manager to purchase the SATIR Pro Software or contact our service department who can answer any techical questions regarding the software at



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