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Certified Thermography Training Course

SATIR Europe Ltd is pleased to offer a comprehensive selection of thermography courses designed to cater to the specific needs of our users and distributors. This program is CPD certified, ensuring it meets the highest standards for continuing professional development.

SATIR is a company built on a foundation of experience. For decades, we've been a leading force in thermal imaging technology, supplying cutting-edge solutions to a global clientele. Our journey began with a dedication to pushing the boundaries of thermal imaging, and that commitment continues to this day.

This rich history translates into a wealth of knowledge. We understand the evolving needs of various industries and applications.  Our team not only supplies the best thermal imaging equipment but also offers comprehensive training programs, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.  By partnering with SATIR, you gain access to a trusted advisor with a proven track record of success.

Course Duration

Varies depending on the application and the time allocated by the client (1 to 4 days).

Course Content

Courses are designed to meet Level One standards and covers topics including but not limited to:

  • Using a thermal imaging camera
  • Infrared Spectrum
  • Introduction to temperature and heat movement
  • How to evaluate thermal images
  • Problem areas for thermal imaging (depending on application)
  • Typical thermal images (depending on application)


Exams: Exams typically consist of multiple-choice questions at the end of the training course.
Certificates:  Certificates are available depending on the application and course duration (e.g., Electrical, Plumbers/leak detection, Gas detection, Renewable energy).

Products:  Satir Europe sells various thermal imaging equipment including:

  • Cameras (low-end, mid-range, high-end)
  • Gas cameras
  • Specialist drones and fixed cameras

Satir Europe delivers certified training programs to a wide range of countries and companies, ensuring we meet the diverse needs of our global clientele.

Limited Spots Available: Secure your spot in our next thermography training course. Contact today!

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