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Thermal Camera Hire Coming Soon!

New Thermal Camera Hire Service for

UK & Ireland 

SATIR Europe are pleased to announce we will be offering a thermal camera hire service for businesses and tradespeople in Ireland and the United Kingdom.  At SATIR Europe, we want to make thermal imaging accessible to all. We understand some business have small budgets and Covid-19 has impacted these budgets further, which means business cannot afford to purchase a thermal camera. We hope by offering a thermal camera hire service, this will make thermal cameras more affordable to businesses and tradespeople such as plumbers, engineers, builders, and solar panel installers. We hope this service will be made live in late August once we have all our processes in place.  We will be offering two thermal cameras as part of this service, the Hotfind-S and the D600, please see details below.

Hire Mid-Level Thermal Camera 

Hire Hotfind-S Mid Level Thermal Camera

Key Features:

  • 384x288 IR Detector
  • IR/Digital/Duo Vision Plus
  • Dual Control via Touch Screen or Keypad
  • 3.5” LCD Tilting Screen
  • Bluetooth
  • Extendable temperature range
  • Measurement Too

Hire Performance-Level Thermal Camera

Key Features:

  • 640x480 IR Detector
  • IR/Digital/Duo-Vision/Duo Vision Plus
  • Optional Lenses Available
  • Laser Ranger Finder
  • Measurement Tools

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Process Control & Thermal Imaging

What is thermal imaging?

Thermal Imaging is the process to create an image using Infrared Radiation. Most things emit some form of Infrared Radiation, including humans and animals. Infrared Radiation is directly affected by temperature, e.g. the higher the temperature the more Infrared Radiation is emitted, and the inverse is also true. Using a Microbolometer, a thermal camera can generate a Thermal Image by applying a colour palette to the different intensities of Infrared Radiation.

What is Process control?

Process control is where there has been a system put in place to monitor and produce a desired result. It covers a wide variety of simple and complex applications, from maintaining room temperature to mixing the exact right colour of paint, and is used in almost every manufacturing, energy producing and building industry.

How can thermal imaging help businesses with their process control? 

Industries can use thermal imaging to aid process control by enabling 24/7 monitoring of their systems to avoid overheating on critical components, thus lowering the potential of possible line, or full production, shutdowns, and emergency maintenance situations. Reducing the risk of these interruptions and providing extra data for maintenance teams, allows for better system reliability and performance, as well as reduced loss of downtime and revenue.
Specifically, monitoring the key processes or components using a thermal camera can often identify when a component starts to fail, or an undesired change occurs in the monitored process which will affect the result, i.e., mixture changes, forced shut down, output affected to not meet specified requirement. 
Thermal Imaging provides the user with different methods of identifying and visualising temperature related problems and is ideal in electrical and mechanical applications.
Below are some examples of the faults a thermal camera can detect from a process control system: 

AI Technology &  Thermal Imaging | Security

SATIR experience of AI Technology & Thermal Imaging

Over the past year the use of thermal camera with some form of built in artificial intelligent (AI) has taken a dramatic surge and it has been most notable for when  people are being screened for elevated temperatures during the Covid-19 pandemic.It is currently used in our CK35O-F system to detect if person/s are wearing a face mask. 

AI Technology & Thermal Imaging for the Security Industry

As a result the security industry are seeing the advantages of using some of the AI within the camera to help in the detection and also the screening of the individuals entering the facility. Matching the individuals who have been screen to a predetermined library within the system. This will then be able to determine if they are staff members, contractors or visitors to the facility. 

The use of temperature detection and also boundary lines can help to determine security risks but also help with abnormal temperatures within the field of view , from over heating of equipment to in some cases UAV detection where the cameras detect the warm motors of the UAV.



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