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Important SATIR Payment Notice

It has come to our attention there are currently a number of scams taking place and we have decided to implement a policy to protect our clients. When placing an order, customers must call their SATIR Sales account manager or the Accounts office. Below are the two contact numbers.

Sales Office 00353 (0) 41 9846786

Accounts Office 00353 (0) 41 9844371

SATIR Helping Businesses Get Back to Work

Some Ideas to help you and your employees get back to work

We know a lot of small and medium businesses are struggling due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic and currently a lot of these business are closed or operating at a limited capacity. At SATIR Europe we had to implement measures to help protect our staff such as allowing office staff work from home, introduce staggered lunch breaks and rearrange the production area so our production staff are complying with social distancing. So we thought we share some ideas that when restrictions begin to ease that some small and medium sized businesses may want to introduce to protect their staff and business from the coronavirus. 

Promote Best Hygiene Practices 

We would recommend management teams and business owners make sure best hygiene practices are being observed. Hand Sanitizers should be installed at various points in the workplace and hand sanitizer should have at least 60% alcohol in them as recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Posters should be placed in the workplace to remind employees to use hand sanitizers and promote good hygiene practices. Below is a link to the Irish Health Service Executive (HSE) Coronavirus posters that could be placed in your workplace. Points of contact such as door handles should be cleaned on a daily basis or where possible doors should be left opened to avoid employees needing to use handles.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is playing a big part in preventing the spread of the virus because if we can limit the number of people we come in contact with we may also be limiting the number of people who may get infected with the virus. At SATIR we have rearrange our offices and our production area to allow employees have 2 metres distance from each other. We have also introduced staggered lunch breaks to limit the number of staff in the canteen area and where possible we have allowed staff to work remotely from home. 

Fever Checks

Fever temperature checks are also being taken regularly on our employees and any visitors to the office. This is important to do as a fever is key sign of the Coronavirus, a fever is typically a temperature above 37.8°C. We also ask employees if they have a cough to report it to their manager and to stay at home.

Recommended Cameras for Fever Checks for SMEs

If your interested in introducing fever checks in your business, SATIR has two product recommendations the Hotfind-S and the D160 both are portable, mobile devices. These two products will also meet data protection and GDPR regulations as they take temperatures in a thermal mode and images do not need to be saved on the devices as they both have audible alarms.

Thermal Imaging Fever Screening Camera Model Hotfind-S

Hotfind-S Key Features

  • 384x288 IR Detector
  • 10℃ to 60℃ Temperature Measurement
  • Thermal accuracy of ±0.5°C
  • Dual Control via Touch Screen or Keypad
  • 3.5” LCD Tilting Screen

To learn more about the Hotfind-S visit 

Entry Level Thermal imaging camera for Fever Screening Model D160

D160F Key Features
  • 160x120 IR Detector
  • 5 Colour Palette Modes
  • Long Battery Life
  • Ergonomically Designed 
  • Removable SD Card

To Learn More about the D160F visit

SATIR Fever Screening Camera Guide

Learn about SATIR thermal fever screening cameras & systems

SATIR have been manufacturing thermal imaging cameras in Ireland for over a decade, during this time we have manufactured thermal imaging cameras for industrial, security, automotive and also for the health sector.  With the world’s new  health pandemic Covid-19 or also known as the coronavirus SATIR have been focusing all our manufacturing efforts on thermal imaging cameras for the health sector to try and delay the spread of this virus as many health officials say if we can delay the spread of the virus our health care system will be in a better position to cope with this health pandemic that is CoVid-19. 

SATIR Thermal Imaging Fever Screening Range

Currently SATIR has 4 thermal fever screening cameras available these models are CK350-F, CK350-M, Hotfind-s and the D160.  Each model will be explained in this article in order for you to make the choice which one is best for you.

SATIR CK350-F Thermal Imaging Fever Screening Camera

CK350-F | Complete Fever Screening System 

The CK350-F is one of SATIR’s newest and advanced fever screening system that has been developed in the fight against CoVid-19.The CK350-F is a complete system as it includes; thermal camera, black body, fever screening software, tripod and ceiling brackets. The CK350-F model is suitable to scan a large number of people at one time once the system has been set up correctly and people are organised in a line. The CK350-F can carry out real-time fever screening which can be viewed by the technician at a safe distance as thermal imaging is a form of no-contact temperature measurement. The systems software has a number of features which includes generation of analysis and trends reports, AI facial recognition, please note these images or videos can be removed if you need to abide by GDPR or data protection regulations. The temperature measurement range is 0°C ~ +60°C and the measurement accuracy is ± 0.3 ℃ which makes this ideal for fever screening programmes. The CK350-F has been setup in hotels, airports, customs areas and in shopping centres. Due to the high demand of this product the typically lead-times are 3-4 weeks, and this would be a high range product which would be reflected in the pricing.

SATIR CK350-M Thermal Imaging Fever Screening Camera

CK350-M | SATIR’s First Health and Veterinary Camera

The CK350-M is SATIR’s first thermal imaging camera that was developed for the health sector in 2014. It consists of a thermal camera, tripod and fever screening software. It has a temperature measurement range of 0°C ~ +60°C and measurement accuracy of ±0.5°C which we would recommend traditionally for use in a veterinary practice or could be used more for temperature measurement within the body to see muscle conditions for example. The software for this system would not have AI facial recognition but it still gives a temperature measurement value and delivers thermal images to the technician. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak lead times are 3-6 months and this would be high-mid range product which would be reflected in the pricing.

SATIR Hotfind-S Thermal Imaging Fever Screening Camera

Hotfind-S | Handheld and Mounted Fever Screening Camera

The Hotfind-S is an advance level handheld fever screening camera that can also be mounted to a tripod if it is fever screening small amounts of people at a time. The Hotfind-S temperature range is  -20℃ to 60℃ and has a thermal accuracy of ±0.3°C which makes it ideal for being used in fever screening programmes. Hotfind-S adopts NTSC (60Hz) or PAL (50Hz) composite video output. The thermal images are displayed in real time which guarantees complete and vivid thermal imaging with no ghosting. The Hotfind-S also comes with a black body which helps to regulate the Hotfind-S and acts as a reference. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak lead times are 3-4 weeks and this would be mid-level product which would be reflected in the pricing.

SATIR D160 Thermal Imaging Fever Screening Camera

D160F | Entry Level Handheld Fever Screening Camera

The D160F is a recent addition to SATIR range of fever screening cameras that has been developed for the CoVid-19 Pandemic. It has a 160x120 IR detector which delivers a basic but clear image to the technician. It has a temperature range of 10~40℃ and accuracy of ±0.5°C which makes it suitable to carry out fever screening on the go especially as it is a handheld model. This type of camera would be suitable for a work environment to check employees or visitor’s temperature or to be use in an environment on a small number of people at a time. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak lead times are 4-6 weeks and this would be entry-level product which would be reflected in the pricing.





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