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SATIR Europe Global exhibitions & Company Updates

SATIR Europe have been busy showcasing our latest technologies at leading industry events around the world, while also maintaining a strong commitment to keeping its customers informed through consistent marketing efforts.  Our participation in these events reflects our dedication to building strong relationships with stakeholders and ensuring their satisfaction. Engaging with industry leaders and potential customers at these events has resulted in a significant boost in inquiries showcasing the industry's strong demand for the solutions offered by SATIR Europe.

Hannover Messe 2024

SATIR Europe showcased its latest technologies at Hannover Messe 2024, the world's leading industrial fair held in Hannover, Germany this April.  The event brought together over 4,000 companies, all committed to achieving climate neutrality through advancements in electrification, digitization, and automation. SATIR Europe exhibited and demonstrated a range of products to visitors, including the S1 thermal smart camera, the JK400 security bullet camera series, and various thermal cameras such as the i-384, HotFind-S, and P1.

Oman Sustainability Week Expo

SATIR Europe participated in Oman Sustainability Week Expo held in Oman in late April. The expo, hosted by the Ministry of Energy and Minerals (MoEM), serves as a national platform to promote sustainable practices in energy, water management, and environmental protection. Aligned with the UN's 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Oman's 2040 Vision, the event reflects the country's commitment to balancing economic growth with environmental responsibility. SATIR Europe presented a selection of its products at the event, including the S1 thermal smart camera, the JK400 security camera series, and various thermal cameras like the D160-pro and AC160. In addition to product displays, SATIR Europe also offered informative materials such as posters and catalogs.

Turkey ICCI - International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference

SATIR Europe exhibited at the ICCI 2024 conference in Turkey. The conference, themed "Discover the Future of Energy," has provided a platform for communication and development in the energy and environment sectors for the past 25 years. SATIR Europe presented a selection of its products that align with the conference theme, including the S1  thermal smart camera, the JK400 security camera series, and various thermal cameras like the D160-pro and AC160. Additionally, informative materials such as posters, catalogs, and the D600 camera were available for attendees.

IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition 2024

SATIR Europe participated in the 2024 IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition in California, a premier event focused on solving the world's most pressing energy challenges. Sponsored by the IEEE Power & Energy Society, the conference brings together industry leaders, cutting-edge technologies, and unparalleled technical expertise. Satir presented and demonstrated a selection of its products including the S1thermal smart camera, the JK400 security camera series, and various thermal cameras like the D160-pro and AC160. In addition to product displays, SATIR Europe offered informative materials such as posters, catalogs, and the D600 camera for attendees to explore. 

In addition to our active exhibition presence, we are keeping our audience engaged with a steady stream of fresh company updates across social media platforms and regular newsletter deliveries. Check out the links below to our social media platforms.









Certified Thermography Training Course

SATIR Europe Ltd is pleased to offer a comprehensive selection of thermography courses designed to cater to the specific needs of our users and distributors. This program is CPD certified, ensuring it meets the highest standards for continuing professional development.

SATIR is a company built on a foundation of experience. For decades, we've been a leading force in thermal imaging technology, supplying cutting-edge solutions to a global clientele. Our journey began with a dedication to pushing the boundaries of thermal imaging, and that commitment continues to this day.

This rich history translates into a wealth of knowledge. We understand the evolving needs of various industries and applications.  Our team not only supplies the best thermal imaging equipment but also offers comprehensive training programs, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.  By partnering with SATIR, you gain access to a trusted advisor with a proven track record of success.

Course Duration

Varies depending on the application and the time allocated by the client (1 to 4 days).

Course Content

Courses are designed to meet Level One standards and covers topics including but not limited to:

  • Using a thermal imaging camera
  • Infrared Spectrum
  • Introduction to temperature and heat movement
  • How to evaluate thermal images
  • Problem areas for thermal imaging (depending on application)
  • Typical thermal images (depending on application)


Exams: Exams typically consist of multiple-choice questions at the end of the training course.
Certificates:  Certificates are available depending on the application and course duration (e.g., Electrical, Plumbers/leak detection, Gas detection, Renewable energy).

Products:  Satir Europe sells various thermal imaging equipment including:

  • Cameras (low-end, mid-range, high-end)
  • Gas cameras
  • Specialist drones and fixed cameras

Satir Europe delivers certified training programs to a wide range of countries and companies, ensuring we meet the diverse needs of our global clientele.

Limited Spots Available: Secure your spot in our next thermography training course. Contact today!

V88-T Now ATEX Certified

V88-T | ATEX Certified

SATIR Europe are proud to announce that the V88-T is now ATEX Certified. The SATIR V88-T is a cooled  thermal gas detection camera that is suitable for use in hazardous areas.

Understanding ATEX Certification & The Importance of Thermal Gas Detection Cameras 

In industries where flammable gases and substances are present, which cannot been seen with the human eye,  safety is of paramount importance. Implementing reliable measures to detect potentially hazardous environments is crucial for the protection of both workers and valuable assets. This is where ATEX certification and thermal gas detection cameras come into play. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of ATEX certification and how thermal gas detection cameras can help in ensuring a safe working environment.

What is ATEX Certification?

ATEX stands for Atmosphères Explosibles, a European directive that aims to regulate the manufacture, sale, and use of equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. The directive was implemented to ensure that products entering the market meet safety standards and do not pose a risk of causing explosions in hazardous environments.
An ATEX certification indicates that a device or equipment is compliant with the specific safety criteria outlined by the directive. The certification is divided into two categories: equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (EX) and equipment intended for use in areas where the risk of explosion is extremely high (Ex-hazardous). The certification includes rigorous testing, inspection, and quality control to guarantee effectiveness and reliability in hazardous environments.

The Role of Thermal Gas Detection Cameras:

Thermal gas detection cameras, also known as infrared cameras, play a vital role in detecting and monitoring the presence of potentially flammable gases in industrial settings. These cameras utilize infrared imaging technology to identify gas leaks and thermal irregularities, which are often invisible to the naked eye. By providing real-time thermal imaging, they help in early detection and reduction of the risk of fire or explosions.

Advantages of Thermal Gas Detection Cameras:

1. Early Detection: One of the primary benefits of thermal gas detection cameras is their ability to identify gas leaks before they become critical hazards. By recognizing thermal patterns and gas plumes, these cameras can instantly alert operators or trigger alarms, allowing prompt intervention measures.

2. Reduced False Alarms: Thermal gas detection cameras are designed to differentiate between genuine gas leaks location and gas drifting around the equipment  and other sources of high-temperature anomalies. This helps in reducing false alarms, ensuring that personnel responses are directed towards genuine threats rather than wasting resources on unnecessary evacuations.

3. Enhanced Safety: Implementing thermal gas detection cameras improves overall safety by providing continuous monitoring in hazardous areas. The cameras allow operators to remotely access and monitor different locations, reducing the need for personnel to be physically present in dangerous areas.

4. Cost Reduction: By identifying and preventing gas leaks at an early stage, thermal gas detection cameras reduce the risk of costly shutdowns, equipment damages, and potential litigation arising from accidents. These cameras provide a cost-effective solution for long-term safety and peace of mind.


ATEX certification and the utilization of thermal gas detection cameras are invaluable tools in ensuring the safety of personnel and assets in industries dealing with potentially explosive atmospheres. By adhering to ATEX regulations and incorporating thermal imaging technology, businesses can significantly reduce the risk of fire, explosions, and other hazardous incidents. Investing in certified and reliable thermal gas detection cameras has become an essential aspect of safety protocols, promoting a secure working environment for all stakeholders involved.


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