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New Certification for the SATIR V90


The SATIR V90 was released over a year ago as part of our V-Series product range. The V-Series is a range of thermal imaging cameras that are suitable for gas detection applications, they are also known as optical gas imaging (OGI) cameras. In the V-series range there are two models which are almost identical but use different wavelength detectors to detect different gases. The V80 is targeted for SF6 Gas detection applications. The V90 is more of a general gas detection camera that can detect up to 20 gases. Recently the SATIR V90 has received a new certification from APEX Explosive standards.

APEX Standard

The APEX standards cover two European directives that cover the work environment and equipment in an explosive atmosphere. In 2003, companies in the European Union had to comply with the APEX Standards to make sure employees are safe in an explosive atmosphere area. The ATEX 95 equipment directive 2014/34/EU is the standard that applies to the SATIR V90. It is to ensure equipment are safe for intended us in explosive atmospheres environments.

What does the new Certification mean for the SATIR V90?

This new certification means the SATIR V90 OGI camera is explosion proof and is suitable to be used in explosive atmosphere environments. 

New Additional D300/600 Feature

ISO Density Alarm Feature on SATIR D300 & D600 Thermal Imaging Camera

Recently our Technical Team have discovered a new additional feature on the D300/600 thermal imaging cameras. This is a feature which we have not previously promoted but we now have discovered it may be very important and useful to many professionals in a range of industries.

About the D Series

The D-Series is one of SATIR’s more recent innovations that have been popular since it’s release. It includes an Advance level thermal imaging camera known as the D300. It has a 384x288 IR detector. The D600 is a performance level thermal imaging camera that has a powerful 640x480 IR detector. 

New Additional Feature

The ISO Density Alarm is a feature that may be useful to professionals in a range of industries. It is essentially a visual graphical alarm which provides more visual feedback to the end-user than the regular alarm. This would be beneficial to end-users that want to understand the information clearly and easily.  The ISO Density alarm works by setting the percentage of the area you want to detect such as 30% of the screen or 50%. The file path to the ISO Density alarm settings is as follows; Main Menu – Analysis Menu – ISO Menu. If you like to learn more about this feature please contact our technical team by emailing

CES Asia 2019

Visit SATIR at CES ASIA 2019

SATIR are pleased to announce we will be exhibiting at CES Asia 2019. CES Asia showcases ground-breaking technology from start-ups, entrepreneurs and brands such as SATIR. It is a industry event focused on the Asia – Pacific market, where businesses can make partnerships and show this part of the world their very best products and new innovative products they are in the process of developing. CES Asia is taking place 11-13th June in Shanghai, China. 

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