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SATIR Visits Dundalk Institute of Technology (DKIT)

SATIR Attends DKIT Industry & Careers Fair

This week SATIR took part in Dundalk Instite of Technology (DKIT) Industry & Careers Fair. DKIT is SATIR nearest third level institution, a number of our employees at SATIR Europe are past graduates of DKIT ranging from a digital marketing background to electronic engineering. When the Careers office at DKIT invited us to attend this event we said yes with no hesitation. 

DKIT Industry & Careers Fair

The Industry and Careers fair took place on the 8th November in the college multi purpose centre (MPC). It started at 10am until 1pm. Over 60 companies took part in this event from a wide range of business sectors such as IT, Health, engineering and many more!

SATIR Europe General Manager and Digital Marketer represented the company at this event, where the team demonstrated our bestselling entry level camera the PK160 and the UMTI which is our bestselling handheld security camera. 
We had a lot of interested students who asked questions about what does SATIR do in Ireland? What is a thermal camera? In what sectors or industries can thermal cameras be used in? If you ever have any of these questions please visit one of out links below

About SATIR:

Thermal Camera Applications:

SATIR Product Range: 

We enjoyed meeting with all the students,lecturers and heads of departments from Dundalk Institute of Technology and we look forward to working on more projects and events with DKIT.


SATIR Thermal Cameras Bestsellers of 2017

SATIR Thermal Cameras

Bestsellers of 2017

2017, has been a very busy year for SATIR Europe with the launch of the SATIR Store which is our new online store stocking refurbished cameras and accessories and then the relaunch of our new website at We have seen that the PK Series and Hotfind-S is as popular as ever with continued end-user and client demand. We thought we would just go over what makes the PK Series and the Hotfind-S so popular with our clients and end-users.

PK Series Thermal Tablet Camera From SATIR Europe

PK Series – Entry Level Thermal Tablet Camera

Since its release in 2014, the PK Series is the only thermal tablet end-users will want to use because of its usability and cost-effectiveness. In the PK Series range, two models are available the PK80 and the PK160. The only difference between these models is the detector resolution. The PK80 has an 80x80 Infrared (IR) detector while the PK160 has a IR resolution of 160x120. The main benefit of using the PK Thermal tablet is that it operates on an Android Operating system which means since the smartphone boom most users will understand and know how to navigate their way around the interface. Some large companies may have developed their own apps which can be easily added through the Google Play store. The PK can store both still and video recordings on built-in memory storage. The PK Series can also connect to Wi-Fi which means users can send videos or images from the site to the office via email or messaging apps.  To find out more information on the specifications on the PK Series you can click on the following link:

Hotfind-S Industrial Thermal Camera From SATIR Thermal Camera Manufacturers

Hotfind – S Middle Level Industrial Thermal Camera

The Hotfind – S was released about 6 months after the PK Series as there was a demand for a handheld Industrial Thermal Camera that would have a higher resolution than the PK Series and with some added features. The Hotfind – S Thermal camera has 384x288 IR detector which generates 110592 pixels which deliver excellent quality images for a wide range of industrial applications. It has 3 imaging modes which are IR/CCD/Duo-Vision. The Hotfind-S thermal camera has an extendable temperature range from the standard -20 to 600℃, up to +1500℃, which can be requested when an order is placed. To find out more information on the specifications on the Hotfind-S you can click on the following link:

Thermal Imaging & Electrical Surveying


Thermal Imaging & Electrical Surveying 

With the release of the SATIR D500, which is an ideal thermal imaging camera for carrying out large scale electrical surveying, we thought we would discuss some of our FAQ’s on thermal imaging and electrical surveying.

What is the benefit of electrical surveying with a thermal camera?

The main benefit of carrying out electrical surveying with a thermal camera is that the camera can see potential problems which are not visible to the human eye that it acts a as preventative measure from large scale power outages and costly repairs. Regular electrical surveying can also measure the effectiveness of the electrical equipment and this can sometimes result in energy savings. The reason why electrical pylons would be surveyed using a thermal infrared camera is that it is non-invasive that the electrical current doesn’t need to be powered off to facilitate the survey. Any issues or repairs can be identified easily and be planned around business hours with regular thermography surveying.

What type of faults will show up on the thermal imaging camera?

  • Overloads
  • Loose Connections
  • Defective equipment
  • Faulty Connections
  • Systems overheating

    And Many More!

Thermal Image of Bad or Loose Electrical Connection                 Thermal Image of a Faulty Electrical Connection
Example of Bad/Loose Connection                             Thermal image of Faulty Electrical Connection

Thermal Image of an Electrical Cable Break                Thermal Image of Faulty Disconnection
Thermal Image of an Electrical Cable Break              Thermal Image of Faulty Disconnection 

Why is the D500 a suitable thermal camera for electrical surveying?
The D500 is an effective thermal imager for electrical surveying particularly for surveying electrical pylons due to a number of reasons. Firstly, it has a 640x480 infrared detector which contributes to the D500 delivering excellent imaging quality and it also has the latest image processing technology to reduce interference. It comes equipped with a 5MP CCD camera which delivers a clear visual to allow users to compare the infrared image with a digital image. The D500 has been ergonomically designed similar to the D300 as it fits easily and comfortably in the user’s hand with its lightweight design. It is a compact, lightweight tool that allows users to store up to 32GB of data which can be still or video recordings. The D500 has a 3.5” LCD screen which will allow the users to see the infrared image with clear and defined details. The D500 has a long battery life makes it ideal for large scale pylon or solar panel surveying as battery life lasts up to 5 hours which means when out on a survey the user does not need to be carrying extra batteries or charger with them. The D500 also have a range of interchangeable lenses available on request which let users to tailor the D500 to the sights or application.

​It has been proven thermal imaging of electrical pylons helps to prevent the costly downtime & emergency repairs. The users are looking for more details on the camera to assist in detecting the problems sooner so hence the increase in the detector & also the sensitivity is required. At SATIR, we understand this and have designed the D500 which we believe will meet the customers’ needs are affordable prices.


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