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6 Reasons to Buy the S1 Android Thermal Camera

6 Great Reasons to Buy the S1

At SATIR Europe, we have 6 reasons why you need to purchase the S1, the newest Android thermal imager that is a multi-functional device.

1. Versatility: Android thermal cameras offer a wide range of uses and applications. Whether you're an electrician, plumber, engineer, or homeowner, an Android thermal camera can be a valuable tool to have.

2. Affordable: Compared to traditional thermal cameras, Android options tend to be more cost-effective making it accessible to a wide range of users.

3. Portability: The S1 is compact and lightweight, allowing for easy portability. You can easily carry it in your pocket or toolbox and use it wherever you need it.

4. Real-time imaging: With the S1 an Android thermal camera, you can view real-time thermal imaging on your device's screen. This allows you to quickly identify and analyse temperature differentials and potential issues.

5. Diagnostic capabilities: Android thermal cameras can help identify energy inefficiencies, electrical malfunctions and water leaks.They provide a non-invasive, non-destructive method of diagnosis.

6. Customization and apps: Android thermal cameras offer a wide range of customizable settings and apps, allowing you to tailor the device's performance to your specific needs. This versatility makes them suitable for various industries and applications.

Poseidon - L1 Launch at Emergency Services Show

Emergency Services Show New Product Launch

SATIR are delighted to annouce that we will be launching a new product and will be exhibiting at the Emergency Services Show in the UK this September. 

Poseidon-L1 Launch

The product we will be launching at the emergency services show is the Poseidon-L1 which is a remote controlled lifebuoy. SATIR is known traditionally as a thermal camera manufacturer but with customers feedback and research from our R&D department, there was a gap in the market for product such as the Poseidon-L1. The feedback we received from distrubutors was that end-users who were patrolling waterways such rivers, seaports, lakes were finding people in the water in difficulty and in many situations the traditional lifebuoy was not practical or insuffcient in rescuing these people.  Research was then carried out by our R&D department to investigate other possible applications and market sectors a remote controlled lifebuoy could be applied too. They found that it can be benefical for the oil industry, where there are oil rigs at the sea where there can be oil leaks and a boom can be attached to the lifebuoy to help contain an oil leak.  These are only some of the applications that the Poseidon-L1 can be used for and we are certain with our distrubutors knowledge and assistance, this list will be extended. 

The key feature of the Poseidon-L1 is that can be operated manually but having the remote control function gives the rescue team more control of the rescue.  It has a grab bar meaning those in the water can easily grip the Poseidon-L1. It is controlled using a simple remote control device that display GPS positioning and battery life. It has one button home function on the device. It is also equipped with flashing lights for operations in the night or early morning. Below are some key benefits of the Poseidon-L1.

Key Benefits of the Poseidon-L1 Lifebuoy

  • Provides More Accuracy than traditional lifebuoy
  • Saves Time
  • Improves Safety of Rescue Operations 
  • Deployed from Land or Sea

Emergency Services Show

We will launching the Poseidon-L1 at the Emergency Services Show this September. The Emergency services show is taking place from 19th-20th September, 2023 in Birmingham at the NEC Centre. SATIR Europe will have the Poseidon-L1 on the stand for visitors to view and speak with our technical team about it's functions and user applications. SATIR will also have a selection of thermal imaging cameras at the show such as the GF5000 for firefighting applications, the S1 the new Smart Thermal Imaging Device and many additional products.  Below are all the details for the show:

The Show Details:
Detecting Invisible Threats: 10 Reasons Why Gas Detection is Important

10 Reasons Why Gas Detection is Important 

Thermal imaging and gas detection are essential tools in environmental monitoring to detect invisible threats that could potentially harm human health and the environment.

Thermal Imaging:

Thermal imaging uses specialized cameras to capture and visualise infared energy emitted by objects and organisms. This technology can be used to identify anomalies in energy levels, which may indicate the presence of invisible threats such as gas leaks, fires, or biological hazards.

Gas Leak Detection:

Thermal cameras can detect gas leaks by visualising the energy levels between the leaking gas and its surroundings. Gas leaks often result in a visual change, which can be easily identified using thermal imaging. This enables early detection and prevention of potentially dangerous situations.

10 Reasons Why Gas Detection is Important

1. Toxic Gas Monitoring: Gas detection devices are commonly used to monitor indoor and outdoor air for toxic gases like carbon monoxide (CO), Sulphur Dioxide(SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and hydrogen sulphide (H2S). Continuous monitoring of these gases helps protect human health and ensures compliance with safety guidelines.

2. Industrial Emissions Monitoring: In industrial settings, gas detection systems are employed to monitor the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere. This helps industries maintain environmental compliance and prevent harmful gases from escaping into the air.

3. Workplace Safety: Gas detectors are essential for ensuring the safety of workers in industries where exposure to harmful gases is possible. These devices provide early warnings of gas leaks to enable prompt evacuation and prevent accidents or health issues caused by inhalation.

4. Hazardous Material Handling: Gas detectors are crucial in facilities where hazardous materials are stored or handled. They help monitor the presence of toxic or flammable gases that may be released during transportation, storage, or handling of these materials.

5. Confined Spaces: Gas detection devices are used to protect workers in confined spaces such as tanks, storage vessels, or tunnels where there is a risk of gas buildup. These devices are essential for detecting the presence of gases that can displace oxygen or pose a health hazard if inhaled.

6. Firefighting and Emergency Response: Gas detectors are utilised by firefighters and emergency responders to identify hazardous gases in fire or emergency situations. This information helps them take appropriate actions and ensure the safety of both themselves and the public.

7. Laboratory Safety: Gas detection systems are employed in laboratories to monitor the presence of hazardous gases that may be produced during experiments or stored in gas cylinders. This helps protect researchers, prevent accidents, and ensure compliance with safety protocols.

8. Mining Operations: Gas detectors are extensively used in mining operations to monitor the levels of gases such as methane or carbon monoxide in underground mines. Early detection of such gases is crucial for preventing explosions and ensuring the safety of miners.

9. Oil and Gas Industry: Gas detection devices are essential in the oil and gas industry to monitor pipelines, storage tanks, and refineries for leaks or releases of flammable or toxic gases. This helps prevent accidents, protect the environment, and maintain compliance with industry regulations.

10. Environmental Monitoring: Gas detectors are used in environmental monitoring to measure and monitor the levels of atmospheric pollutants. This data is necessary for assessing air quality, identifying pollution sources, and developing strategies for mitigating environmental impacts.

In conclusion, thermal imaging and gas detection technologies are critical for environmental monitoring and detecting invisible threats. By utilising these tools, early detection and prevention of gas leaks, fires, biological hazards, and toxic gas exposure can be achieved, significantly enhancing the safety of individuals and the environment.

Currently SATIR offers the V-Series as an OGI (Optical Gas Imaging) device, there are two version available the V80 and V90. The V90 is Ex Certified and the V80 is suitable for SF6 gas leak detection. For more details visit:



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