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SATIR Thermal Vehicle Night Vision Installation

SATIR Vehicle Night Vision Installation Video

Learn about why more people are installing thermal cameras for vehicle night vison

The SATIR Thermal Vehicle night vision systems are one of our most popular ranges of thermal imaging cameras after our industrial thermography range of products. This is due to the large number of vehicles that are on the road and also changes in our environment. In some countries, people are experiencing a change in the weather such as it being much colder therefore leading to heavy frost, ice and snow. These new weather elements can make driving much more difficult for road – users. Poor visibility is a main factor that can lead to accidents, but with a SATIR Night Vision system, it is able to detect hazards such as fallen trees, cyclists, animals and pedestrians ahead in conditions such as fog.  

Car Night vision Installation Video 

Our marketing and technical team have worked together in putting together the video below. We wanted to make a short video showing the benefits of night vision cameras and the differences between the products in the range. One of our most asked questions about this type of product is, “How easy is it to install?” so we have included a quick outline into how the night vision camera system can be installed onto your vehicle. Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts by using the Contact Us Section 

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