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Thermal Imaging and Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical and Steel Equipment operate 24 hours a day and need regular monitoring to make sure production demands are being reached.

Petrochemical and iron and steel equipment operate continuously 24 hours a day often at a very high temperature. Petrochemical Plants need to be operating at a high continuously to ensure production demands are being met. The SATIR thermal cameras can help you to test and maintain the facility without affecting the production status.

Why Use Thermal Cameras?

Thermal Cameras are ideal for monitoring different elements of petrochemical plant as they can be fixed or handheld. For areas such as process equipment often a fixed temperature monitoring core is suitable as it can monitor the equipment for long periods of them without stopping the machine. It will alert the maintenance or control manager of any temperature differences such as overheating. Handheld Thermal Cameras are also suitable for monitoring in a petrochemical setting as they allow the user to easily scan any machinery or electrics they think may be causing problems in the petrochemical process.  

Thermal Image of Petrochemical Processing in ActionPetrochemical Monitoring

What areas in a Petrochemical Plant can be monitored with a Thermal Camera?

In most cases, thermal cameras will be used to in electrical surveying to check the condition of any electrical equipment such as cables or transformers, this serves as largely as a preventative measure. Thermal IR imaging can pick up on any valve, conveyor belts, pumps or motor defect by carrying out regular inspections with a SATIR Handheld Thermal Imager.  A lot of dangerous, toxic materials are stored in specialist containers, such as biochemical reactors and storage tanks.  it is important to check the insulation and levels of these tanks to make sure none of the materials will leak or overspill. More importantly, in some production processes, we should pay close attention to the temperature of the containers, to prevent it from exceeding a certain temperature.

SATIR thermal camera can give you an early detection of the fire caused by overheating or leakage of flammable materials. It can save you a lot of investment and avoid casualties.

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