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New Performance Thermography Camera


SATIR D600 - Newest Performance Thermal Imaging Camera

The SATIR D600 is a new performance thermography camera that has been developed from the D300 Mid-Level Model. The D600 shares many of the same features as the D300 but has a higher performing infrared detector of 640x480. The 640x480 IR detector generates 307,200 powerful pixels which will deliver excellent imaging and video recordings to the end-user.

The D600 has four imaging modes, digital, IR ,duo-vision and duo vision plus. Duo Vision Plus is SATIR’s newest imaging mode which incorporates a digital and infrared/thermal image, giving the end-user more detail on thermal images.

The D600 comes with a touch screen that will auto focus to ensure the user has a clearly focused thermal image. This means when generating a report, the image is already focused which enables accurate evaluation and analysis. It also has a motorised lens which allows the user to focus the camera manually by using the keypad.

The D600 has a long battery life of 5 hours plus meaning it can be used for a long day of surveying without being charged.

The D600 also has a laser ranger finder that acts as a laser pointer and can help tell the end-users the distance of the target.

There are a number of measurement features that are on the D600 such as 8 movable spots, auto hot/cold spot, 2 area boxes, isotherm, line which all help to give the end-user a greater analysis of the target. It has a temperature alarm which can be useful if you want to spot any abnormal temperature readings. The temperature alarm can be set by the end-user to suit their survey.

When buying the SATIR D600 you will receive a Calibration Cert, Bluetooth headset, type-C USB Cable, touchscreen stylus and 1GB USB Wristband. If you need additional accessories in the future these can be brought from the SATIR Store or via your account manager.


  • 640x480 IR Detector
  • IR/Digital/Duo-Vision/Duo Vision Plus
  • Optional Lenses Available
  • Laser Ranger Finder
  • Measurement Tools


Camera Name

  D600 Specification


  Detector Resolution         


  Thermal Sensitivity (N.E.T.D)     


  FOV/Min. Focus Distance


  Spectral Range


  Spatial Resolution

  0.65 mrad

  Focus Mechanism




  Temperature Range

 -20°C ~ + 600°C, up to +1500°C (Optional)


  ±2°C or ± 2% of readings

  Measurement Mode

  8 Movable Spots, Auto Hot/Cold Spot,profile, 2 area boxes,
  isotherm, line



  Image Presentation


  Image Mode

  IR/Digital/Duo-Vision/Duo Vision Plus

  Visible Pixels

  HD 5MP Digital Camera

  LCD Display

  3.5” Capacitive Touch Screen

  Image Output Mode

  NTSC (60Hz) or PAL (50Hz) Composite Video

  File Format (Thermal/Visual)

  JPEG ( Thermal/Visual)

   Power System


  Battery Type

  Built-in Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery

  Charge Interface


  Power Manage

  Auto Shut Off/Sleep Mode





  Physical Characteristics


  Tripod Mounting




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