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SATIR Frogman Thruster FT1
SATIR Frogman Thruster FT1
SATIR Frogman Thruster FT1
SATIR Frogman Thruster FT1
SATIR Frogman Thruster FT1


The Frogman Thruster is an efficient underwater propulsion that helps divers move underwater more easily, saving energy and time. During water rescue operations, the use of this thruster allows rescuers to reach the scene of an incident faster and control their position and speed underwater more easily. It also helps rescuers carry rescue equipment and supplies more easily, thus increasing the efficiency and flexibility underwater. At the same time, with the feature of lightweight, tough, waterproof, durable and adjustable features, these products also provide rescuers with more safety and support, enabling them to perform their tasks better. Its use can improve the efficiency and success rate of rescuers, while also reducing the risks and stress they face and minimizing injuries to victims. Frogman thruster is therefore an integral part of the underwater diving and water rescue fields. The FT1 frogman thruster is mainly used for fire emergency rescue, underwater operations and exploration. The equipment does not need to be held, completely freeing the diver's hands, and can continuously provide users with water underwater. Thrust to achieve the purpose of moving forward quickly, users can easily control the forward direction by changing their posture. The maximum working depth can reach 50 meters. This equipment is suitable for all waters. It has a variable speed function and has alarm functions such as power and operation.


Key Features

  • Product weight in air ≤10kg
  • The battery is buckled on the waistband, and the battery can also be fixed on the gas bottle with a gas bottle strap and motor extension cord. 



SATIR Frogman Thruster FT1

Battery parameters


20 Ah ≥19.2Ah

Nominal voltage

43.2 V

Charging cut-off voltage

50.4 V Full charge voltage 50.4V

 Maximum continuous charging Ccurrent

6 A 0~100% charging time is about 4 hours

Charging temperature range

0 ~ 45℃ Humidity 60±25%

Discharge temperature range

-20 ~ 60℃

Storage temperature and humidity

0 ~ 25℃ Humidity:45% ~ 90% RH

Single motor assembly

Rated power


Operating current


Rated speed

≤3700 r/min idling

Maximum thrust

9 kgf±1kgf Single motor

Control Mode



Maximum working depth

50 meters

Weight of object in air


Suitable for all water



Additional Note

Battery weight: less than 8.7kg in air

Note: The factory battery capacity is 50%~55%. It is recommended to fully charge it for the first time.

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