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Plumbing and Leak Detection | Thermal Imaging

Learn about thermal imaging for Leak Detection Applications

SATIR thermal imaging cameras can be used in a wide range of industries and applications. One of its most popular applications is finding water ingress or leaks within a building structure, which the human eye cannot detect.

About Thermal Imaging Cameras 

Thermal imaging cameras are tools that can assist plumbers in doing their jobs quickly and easier. A thermal imaging camera is a temperature measurement device that can display a image or video based on the targeted area that is being scanned. It reads the surface  thermal energy /temperature and the end-user can then interpret any abnormal readings. Thermal Imaging cameras main advantage is that it is a  non-invasive and non-destructive meaning that plumbers can pinpoint any faults or leaks without needing to excavate the targeted area. 

Thermal Imaging for Leak Detection 

Thermal Imaging cameras are ideal to detect  water issues and also the pipe layout within a building structure. Thermal imaging cameras can detect small leaks due to the temperature abnormalities, the greater the temperature abnormality the easier it is to find large leaks easily. They are excellent at locating the exact area of the leak without the need for drilling or excavating of the area. In the long-term thermal imaging cameras are good investment for yourself as a plumber or a plumbing company, as they will save you time and money with better diagnostics of the issues within the building structure.

Examples of Leak Detection with SATIR Thermal Imaging Camera

Digital Image of Suspected leak Thermal Imaging Leak Detection
Digital Image of Suspected Leak Area Thermal Image of Leak Detected
Underfloor heating pipe layout with thermal imaging Thermal Image Sink Layout leak detection
   Thermal Image of Underfloor
   Heating pipes layout
Thermal Image of sink piping to look for a blockage or a leak

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