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Three Levels of Thermography | Thermal Imaging

Learn about the 3 levels of thermography

Learn about the three levels of thermography | thermal imaging

If you are new to thermography and are thinking of purchasing a thermal imaging camera, there is a few basics you need to know about that will help you choose the right SATIR thermal imaging camera for you. The first thing to understand is that there are 3 levels of thermography, which we will discuss in this post.

Entry – Level Thermography

Entry Level thermography is the most basic level of thermography or the first step into thermography. Entry level thermography generally covers thermal imaging cameras that have a IR resolution of 80x80,160x120. They are normally suited to those that are on a budget and who want to be able to carry out surveys quickly to detect any potential issues. But due to the resolution small defects and also distance to target may reduce the accuracy of the image . SATIR currently has 3 models in its entry level range of thermal imaging cameras.  Learn more about our entry range of cameras at

Advance – Level Thermography

Advance Level thermal imaging cameras can also be known as Mid-Level. These cameras are a step up from entry-level cameras as they have a IR resolution of 384x288. They give a clearer and more detailed image than those offered in the entry level range. The Advance Level range of cameras also have extra features such as 3 visual modes, longer battery life and a wider temperature measurement range. SATIR currently have two models in our Advance-Level range of the thermal imaging cameras, the D300 and the Hotfind-S. Learn more about these products at

Performance – Level Thermography
Performance Level Thermography is the highest level of thermography that is currently offered by thermal camera manufacturers.  Performance Level thermography cameras have a resolution of 640x480 which delivers the highest quality images and videos thermal imaging data. Performance Level thermography cameras are high-range products and this is often reflected in the price tag. Performance Level Thermography cameras are for those who work in the thermography industry full-time or for large corporations which would benefit from high performance equipment. Performance Level thermal imaging cameras come with a range of features, such as measurement tools, 3 levels of focusing, wide temperature measurement range and they also have the option of adding other lenses to meet your requirements. SATIR currently has two products available in it’s performance range of thermal imaging cameras, the G96 and the D600. Learn more about these products at

As you can see the resolution of the thermal cameras enhances the accuracy of the image Just like a digital camera  so when buying it is importance to consider the size of the possible defect you want to detect but also the objects you are surveying , do I need a telephoto lens and how am I presenting the results, Typically the size of the photo / image in the report looks better with the high resolution cameras.

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