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SATIR Face Mask Detection Technology

What is SATIR Face Mask Detection Technology? 

SATIR Europe has recently developed Face Mask detection technology in one of its thermal imaging cameras that captures elevated body temperatures. This has been due to a demand in clients and new enquiries requesting a thermal imaging camera that can measure body temperatures and detect persons wearing face masks and face coverings. 
We have made updates in the software for the CK350F, this is currently the only model that has face mask detection as AI technology is needed to enable detection of face masks. 

No Face Mask No Entry Sign

Why is Face Mask Detection needed? 

There is now in the past two months been a big demand to have face mask detection incorporated into our thermal imaging systems due to updates and changes in different regulations. In Ireland, from the 20th July the Irish government have made wearing face masks or face coverings mandatory in retail shops and in small office or spaces where social distancing cannot be adhered to.  This type of rule and regulations have already been introduced in many countries worldwide already. The problem many retail stores and small offices are finding difficult is policing the mask wearing rule. They could have a person standing a door of the store or office to check someone is wearing their face mask but often businesses may not have the manpower to this or it may not allow safe social distancing to be adhered to. This is where AI technology in the CK350F can be used to police face mask wearing in these types of environments.  

CK350F Fever Screening & Mask Detection thermal camera from SATIR

Recommended Face Mask Detection System 

The CK350-F is SATIR’s intelligent fever screening system as it includes AI technology in the software and powerful analysis tools. It delivers clear images and video to the end user as it has 384x288 IR detector. It has a temperature measurement range of 0°C ~ +60°C and measurement accuracy of ≤ 0.3 ℃. It includes a range of temperature measurement features such as Motion detection, Disk alarm, I/O alarm, Temperature alarm. The CK350-F recently had a software updated to allow users to enable a face mask detection alarm. This alarm is both visual and audible to alert the technician of persons not wearing a face mask or face covering. The face mask detection  can be added to the alarm output, i.e if no face mask is worn then an  alarm signal is sent via the output channel on the CK350-F. To learn more about the CK350-F, please visit 

Example image showing face mask detection alarm system from SATIR

Example of Face Mask Detection Alarm 

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