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Thermal Camera Hire Coming Soon!

New Thermal Hire Service for Ireland & UK

New Thermal Camera Hire Service for

UK & Ireland 

SATIR Europe are pleased to announce we will be offering a thermal camera hire service for businesses and tradespeople in Ireland and the United Kingdom.  At SATIR Europe, we want to make thermal imaging accessible to all. We understand some business have small budgets and Covid-19 has impacted these budgets further, which means business cannot afford to purchase a thermal camera. We hope by offering a thermal camera hire service, this will make thermal cameras more affordable to businesses and tradespeople such as plumbers, engineers, builders, and solar panel installers. We hope this service will be made live in late August once we have all our processes in place.  We will be offering two thermal cameras as part of this service, the Hotfind-S and the D600, please see details below.

Hire Mid-Level Thermal Camera 

Hire Hotfind-S Mid Level Thermal Camera

Key Features:

  • 384x288 IR Detector
  • IR/Digital/Duo Vision Plus
  • Dual Control via Touch Screen or Keypad
  • 3.5” LCD Tilting Screen
  • Bluetooth
  • Extendable temperature range
  • Measurement Too

Hire Performance-Level Thermal Camera

Key Features:

  • 640x480 IR Detector
  • IR/Digital/Duo-Vision/Duo Vision Plus
  • Optional Lenses Available
  • Laser Ranger Finder
  • Measurement Tools

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