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SATIR NV618W (La Moon)

SATIR NV618W (La Moon) – Bestselling Vehicle Thermal Vision IR Camera


SATIR NV618W (La Moon) – Bestselling Vehicle Thermal Vision IR Camera


The SATIR NV618W is SATIR’s bestselling IR automotive camera that enhances safe driving at night.  

The NV618W has a 384x288 IR detector which generates 110592 pixels which will generate a good clear infrared image of the road. The NV618W will provide a wide-angle view of the road, at a further distance than normal headlights. High resolution image provides clear indication of the road layout and hazards which are approaching the vehicle. Improving awareness so the driver can react to the conditions.

The NV618W (La Moon) can be mounted anywhere on the vehicle as it has a magnetic mount that will not damage the vehicle but will secure the camera safely.

The La Moon gives driver assistance as it uses advance technology to provide additional awareness to the driver of their surroundings. The La Moon system highlights hazards so the driver can take the correct action if required. The infrared technology prevents oncoming glare which makes for safer driving.

The wireless technology means no cables or leads are needed to connect the camera to the tablet. The NV618W (La Moon) uses full duplex wireless transmission technology which allows images and control commands to be transferred wirelessly.

The NV618W IR automotive camera has an encapsulation of IP65 which make it dust proof and it can withstand low pressure water jets from any direction which is useful when driving in wet or dusty environments.

When buying the SATIR NV618W you will receive the charger and batteries for the camera and tablet, 16G TF Card, software and a USB Cable. If you need additional accessories in the future these can be brought from the SATIR Store.


  • 384×288  IR Detector
  • Easy Installation –  Magnetic Mount
  • Pedestrian Detection
  • Data displayed on Tablet
  • Wireless Connection between Camera & Tablet
  • Driver Assistance during poor driving conditions
  • IP65


Camera Name




  Field of View

  28°x 21°





  Physical Characteristics (Body)


  Tablet Touch Screen Size

  7 Inches

  Screen Resolution



  Tablet: 440g                                                                        
  Camera: 770g


  Camera: 175mmX115mmX102mm



  Power Input



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