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SATIR YRH600 | Mining Thermal Camera
SATIR YRH600 | Mining Thermal Camera
SATIR YRH600 | Mining Thermal Camera
SATIR YRH600 | Mining Thermal Camera
SATIR YRH600 | Mining Thermal Camera

SATIR YRH600 – Handheld Thermal Camera for Mining Industry 

The SATIR YRH600 has is thermal camera that has been specially designed to withstand a tough coal-mining industry. The housing of the YRH600 is made from reinforced industrial plastic which strengthens the ex-proof ability of the camera but keeping it lightweight at the same time.  It has an encapsulation of IP54, which means the camera will be protected from some dust and water spray exposure.

The SATIR YRH600 has 160x120 IR detector resolution which will generate 19200 pixels which will deliver a good image to the user. The YRH600 has three image modes they are infrared (IR), Digital (CCD) and Duo Vision which allows the CCD and IR image to overlap each other to give the user more details that would not normally be seen on an infrared image.  Video output is also available on the camera via video cable which will output at a frequency of NTSC(60Hz) or PAL (50Hz) composite video. It can store any images or video on the mini SD card.

There are a variety of measurement features available with the YRH600 coal mining IR camera, they include; 9 movable spots, auto hot/cold spot, profile, area box and isotherm. It has a manual focus and additional optional lenses are available on request such as 6.4°,9°, 28°.

The SATIR YRH600 has a temperature measurement range up to 1500°C with a measurement accuracy of ±2℃ or ±2 of readings. With the temperature measurement users will be able to to detect subtle temperature changes of ventilation tubes to check if there are any cracks or hole in the tube. There are often a lot of cables and electricals devices present in a working coal mine and the YRH600 allows users to detect for any malfunctions that may cause harm to coal miners.

When buying the YRH600, you will receive battery charger, power cord, mini SD card, calibration certificate, software and a sunshield. In the future accessories for the YRH600 may be available on the SATIR Store Website. 


  • 160x120 IR Detector
  • Precise Temperature Measurement
  • IR/CCD/Duo Vision
  • SD Card Storage
  • Optional Lenses available on request
  • IP54


Camera Name




  Thermal Sensitivity (N.E.T.D)

  ≤0.08°c @ 30°c

  Detector Type

  FPA, uncooled microbolometer

  Spectral Range


  Focus Mechanism




  Temperature Range

  -20°C + 250°C (Up to 1500°C Optional)


  ±2°C or ±2  % of Readings

  Measurement Tools

  9 movable spots, auto hot/cold spot, isotherm

  Temperature Alarms


  Measurement Corrections

  Emissivity, Ambient Temperature, Distance, Relative Humidity




  -20°C + 50°C


  -40°C + 70°C


  10%~ 95%, non-condensing



  Physical Characteristics (Camera Body)



  Less than 600g





  Power Input

  DC 8V-11V

  Video Output

  NTSC (60Hz) or PAL (50Hz) composite video

  Optional Parts


  Available Optional Lenses

  6.4°, 9°, 12°, 38°


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