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SATIR NV628 – IR Automotive Camera for Safe Night Time Driving


SATIR NV628 – IR Automotive Camera for Safe Night Time Driving 

The SATIR NV628 is a IR automotive camera that enhances safe driving at night.  

The NV628 has a 384x288 IR detector which generates 110592 pixels which will generate a good clear infrared image of the road. The NV628 automotive IR camera has a lightweight, compact design which means it can be easily fitted to any vehicle, making the camera suitable for vehicle manufactures to use in their manufacturing process. The camera will prevent glare from oncoming vehicles and can see through fog/haze.

The NV628 has infrared digital detail enhancement (DDE) which is an advance non-linear image processing algorithm, that allows high dynamic range images retain their details. The driver can clearly recognise image details even if there is a significant change in temperature in the scene. The original image background matches the total dynamic range based on the enhanced image detail.

To image the driver and other road user’s safety the Pedestrian detection and recognition system (PDS) comes with the camera. The PDS system  uses an infrared camera, DSP microprocessors, combined with automatic intelligent detection algorithms to detect heat signatures (pedestrians).

The NV628 has an automatic heating function to combat the effects of freezing cold environments and to avoid the build-up of ice on the lens.

The NV628 IR automotive camera has an encapsulation of IP69K which make it dust and water proof which is useful when driving in extreme environments.

When buying the SATIR NV628 you will receive the camera, battery charger, batteries, software and a USB Cable. If you need additional accessories in the future these can be brought from the SATIR Store.


  • 384×288  IR Detector
  • Easy Installation – Can be installed at front of vehicle
  • External or Car built-in monitor can display data
  • Detection of Vehicles at distance of 800m
  • Detection of pedestrians at distance of 300m
  • Lens will not be affected by ice build-up due to auto heating Function
  • IP69k


Camera Name




  Detector Type

  UFPA microbolometer

  Spectral Range






  Physical Characteristics (Camera Body)








  Power Input

  DC 12V  3A, can be powered directly from car cigarette lighter

  Video Output

  NTSC@60Hz/PAL@50Hz format


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