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Saving on Rising Energy Costs with Thermal Imaging

Thermal Cameras Can Help with Rising Energy Costs

Rising Energy Costs & Inflation 

In recent weeks, homeowners and business owners have all seen their energy costs rise to an all-time high and just when people are getting back to their feet after Covid-19 Pandemic.  According to the main reason why prices have risen is due to wholesale prices have skyrocketed leading electricity and gas providers to pass on the price increase to the customer. Wholesale prices have skyrocketed due to a number of reasons such as  Europe having a cold winter which led to a higher demand, hotter weather in Asia lead to a demand for air conditioning which is largely fueled by electricity. Then their is also political tensions with the threat of Russia cutting off European gas supplies. This make it now more than so important to look at our buildings and ensuring they are well insulated to prevent any heat loss. 

How can thermal imaging help with rising energy costs?

Thermal Imaging Cameras can help with rising energy costs by detecting areas of poor insulation. Thermal imaging cameras are temperature measurement devices. They measure thermal energy which is converted in to a 2 dimensional image and allows the user to see differences in temperature within the target area. They can easily detect differences in temperature which highlight areas of concern. One of the main benefits of thermal imaging cameras is that they are non-destructive and non-invasive which means they don’t need the area of concern to excavated or to be powered off. SATIR offers a wide range of thermal imaging cameras that can suit different budgets and abilities.

Recommended Thermal Imaging Cameras for Reducing Energy Costs

  • D160 Pro - An Entry Level, easy to use thermal imager for any novice or tradesperson who looking for a thermal imager to simply take a thermal image. 
  • I-Series - Available in entry and middle level models depending on budgets and needs, it features an Android App that can display the survey to a second person on their android tablet or phone ideal for demostationg heat loss areas to customers. 
  • D300 - A Mid Level industrail thermal imager that is suitable for heavy surveying work such as regular maintenance checks on factories and large buildings. 

Using Thermal Imaging Cameras for Energy Savings

Thermal Imaging cameras can detect building structure defects, insulation issues or escape of warm air.  This will help save on heating costs both at home and in business.  Thermal Imaging cameras can see a area of concern which cannot be seen by the human eye. Once detected, corrective action can take place which can save the environment and money. Below are some examples of areas that can save energy and costs in the long-term by using better insulation 

Thermal Image of door showing draught Thermal Image of heating loss
Cold air ingress around the door  Cold air ingress

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